510K/FDA approved - Disposable Luer Syringes - various sizes

510K/FDA approved - Disposable Luer Syringes - various sizes

Product information:


These come in various sizes:

The most economic one is the disposable Luer syringe.

The most widely known is the clip safety syringe.

The newest generation patented is a retractable syringe, can effectively prevent accidental injury, cross-infection, and secondary use.


We are direct to the factory and can handle extremely large orders.

Each syringe is priced differently, and since we are direct, we do have a little room to negotiate pricing depending on order size.


See pricing samples here


We also have a supplier located in the US with stock available.  These prices are a little higher, but we can get them to you quickly, but act quickly if interested.  Contact up for warehouse update and pricing.


Contact sales@gosprink.com to discuss your needed quantity and wholesale/quantity pricing.