US made Patriot 'Duck' style mask FDA NIOSH N95

US made Patriot 'Duck' style mask FDA NIOSH N95

The price shown is per mask

The minimum order is 1 box (40 pieces)


Key Features:

▪ Meets NIOSH Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84 (42 CFR 84), Pre-formed for a secure fit.
▪ An adjustable nose clip will help provide a custom fit and secure seal.
▪ Available in Small and Regular

▪ Latex-free: Yes
▪ Model: Foldable Shape


Material Composition:

▪ Outer Layer: Spun bound cloth/non-woven fabric ▪ Filter: Melt-blown non-woven fabric (2 layers)
▪ Inner Layer: Needle punch cotton
▪ Nose Clip: Plastic galvanized iron wire

▪ Nose Foam: Spandex filament sponge bar ▪ Ear Loop: Nylon string
▪ Breathing valve: N/A


Do NOT Use:

  • For gases and Vapors, including oil aerosols, etc. •

  • For repeated use following NIOSH guidelines •

  • If modified or used for its unintended purpose •


The expiration date of 3 years after the manufacture date


Approvals and Standards: FDA Approved / NIOSH certified / Surgical certified


DO Use For:

  • Medical clinics and operating rooms Laboratory procedures
  • Infection control requirements Emergency planning and preparedness