RespoKare Anti-Viral N95 Respirator

RespoKare Anti-Viral N95 Respirator

1 box of 30.  MOQ IS 1 BOXIf you are interested in orders of 1,000 units and above, feel free to email us at to get in touch with our team for wholesale pricing. As one of only a few distributors of this product, we are excited about the N95 Anti-Viral Face Mask which was cleared by the FDA based on inactivation of influenza viruses and provides 99.99% inactivation of 18 different flu strains within 5 minutes. The anti-viral activity of the face mask also covers: 	SARS and MERS (Coronaviruses)         99.99% inactivation of standard surrogate coronavirus within 1 minute	Measles, airborne transmission is very common         99.99% inactivation within 5 minutes	Tuberculosis, one of the deadliest bacteria causing 10 million ill and 1.6million deaths each year        88.97% inactivation within 10 minutes See more in the video - Super Mask

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