Air sterilizer "POCAF system" - Stand type

Air sterilizer "POCAF system" - Stand type

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It has 150mm thickness TiO2 honeycomb filter(which is very big & strong power) in the UVA LED Photooxidation filter system inside the cabinet & sterilizes the room air.  Please see the attached specification.  We have unique technical knowhow for this system - TiO2 Photooxidation filter.  This sterilizer can be installed in any room.  The quantity of sterilizer will be decided according to the room size.


Photo-oxidation catalysis is the activity occurring when a light source interacts with the surface of semiconductor materials, the so-called photocatalysts. During this process, there must be at least two simultaneous reactions occurring, oxidation from photogenerated holes, and reduction from photogenerated electrons.

Main Oxidation Reaction decomposes Harmful Organic compounds into Water(H2O) and Carbon Dioxide(CO2) ultimately.


And also generated radical species completely attack and kill Viruses, Bacteria.


Removes Indoor Air Pollutants such as Formaldehyde,
and Sick House Syndrome


The POCAF System can be applied for Private residences, Offices, Hospitals, Shops, Malls, Sports complex, Governmental buildings etc. by adding POCAF System to any room in the building or the duct system(see duct style POCAF item)


By using Photo Oxidation Catalyst, we can remove Bacteria, Viruses, odorants, VOCs.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under WHO announces fine dust and formaldehyde as Group 1 carcinogens.

General dust collection and adsorption filters have limitations in removing organic gases.

– Currently, HEPA filters that are used alone pass most of the molecular-sized VOCs.

– In the case of carbon filters, there is a limit to adsorption of VOCs. In other words, life is short and must be replaced frequently.

– However, the photo oxidation filter is semi-permanent due to the catalytic reaction that fundamentally decomposes into water and carbon dioxide and removes harmful gases.


The photo oxidation reaction has VOCs removal, antibacterial and antiviral effects by hydroxyl radicals generated on the surface by photoreaction, and is more effective in removing VOCs than a general air purifier.

Photocatalysts do not produce harmful ozone. Anion generators, however, produce ozone.

The false knowledge that a photocatalyst filter is ineffective is when the amount of application of the photocatalyst is low, when a material with little photocatalytic activity is used, or when the photocatalyst filter is manufactured using an ineffective substrate.

The unique odor of the metal oxide, a photo oxidation catalyst raw material, is completely harmless to health.


Unique WO3-TiO2 and TiO2 Photocatalyst
Strong Binding System under Low-Temperature Curing
without Polymer


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