Working together could solve our world problems

Our world has become one of division, doubt, confusion and poverty like never before.

Instead of focussing on what we don't have and our differences, let's look to take a deeper view of the world and how we can all work together to build a stronger bond between us and work together to find ways to keep our civilization going.

Focussing on our differences will only continue to make us as a human race, much weaker and therefore, destroy everything that we all seem to hold so dear to us. The larger the numbers working together, the stronger we all are. If that's the case, can you imagine how strong we could make the world and ALL on it if we actually worked together.

Our world leaders have it all wrong. They are all looking out for themselves and their 'pieces of this rock we all live on', instead of joining forces. Let's not look at the outer image of a person, but rather understand that without the outer image, we are all exactly the same inside. Put 20 skeletons together and you can't tell the difference of who came from where.

Let's all be skeletons to each other. That is inclusion.

Believe it or not...we really do need each other to survive.

Thanks for reading!

The Sprink team

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