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Updated: Mar 30

Medical supply company. Cartoon image of three characters holding signs that read, "stay home," "stay safe," and "wear mask."

We know there are many that don't like the idea of staying at home or wearing masks. The thing is, it's not about you, nor is it about me. This is about the people out there that are high risk and are likely to die or come close to dying from Covid19 or perhaps someone at your own home or in your family that has an underlying condition you aren't aware of. Let's keep our families safe.

I don't think it's too much to think of others and suck it up for a while until we can find a way to keep them safe. Besides, the last thing you want(or hope you don't want), is to infect a parent or grandparent and cause their death. That would be on you and I personally don't feel the risk is worth it.

There are many mask options, but if you do your research, you'll find out that a large number of masks don't provide the protection you actually need. We can supply an assortment of masks that protect, and offer variations such as colors or types (N95/KN95/Surgical)and can accomodate large orders as well.

So, let's all work together and do our part to be heroes and not villains.

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