Checking your N95 mask

CDC recommendations:

Users should take the following precautionary measures prior to using the respirator in the workplace.

  • Visually inspect the N95 to determine if its integrity has been compromised.

  • Check that components such as the straps, nose bridge, and nose foam material did not degrade, which can affect the quality of the fit, and seal, and therefore the effectiveness of the respirator.

  • Recently, NIOSH received inquiries concerning the identification and replacement of damaged straps on large caches of NIOSH-approved N95 FFRs that have passed their designated shelf life. Users should perform a visual inspection of each respirator prior to donning per the user instructions. Additional questions and concerns related to the condition of the respirator should be directed to the respirator manufacturer.

  • Modifications to NIOSH-approved respirators should not be made as part of conventional operations. In accordance with the NIOSH regulation, 42 CFR Part 84, Approval of Respiratory Protective Devicesexternal icon, any changes that modify the NIOSH-approved design (e.g., replacing damaged straps), as approved by NIOSH, voids the NIOSH approval. In this case, adding new straps may affect the fit or filtration performance of the respirator with the

potential to negatively impact the respiratory protection provided to the user.

  • Only as a contingency or crisis capacity strategy option when no respirators are left, other than those with damaged straps, can consideration be given to replacing the damaged straps and using these modified “respirators” as facemasks; these would then, NOT be NIOSH-approved N95 FFR. Follow CDC crisis capacity recommendations for prioritizing the use of respirators vs. facemasks by activity type.

  • If the integrity of any part of the respirator is compromised, or if a successful user seal check cannot be performed, discard the respirator and try another respirator.

  • Users should perform a user seal check immediately after they don each respirator and should not use a respirator on which they cannot perform a successful user seal check.

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