ALERT!...Be care who you trust to help you purchase PPE

Updated: Mar 30

Sharing a little insight to a solid report. Be extremely careful of the PPE you purchase and the folks helping you find it. 3M has RAMPED UP to making 2.5 billion N95 (ALL N95 masks) masks worldwide ANNUALLY. With this information, how is it at ALL possible for ANYONE to have in their possession, hundreds of millions of 3M 1860 masks, let alone over a billion? It is IMPOSSIBLE. That is a fraudulent lot you're buying. That is illegal, that is putting your OWN people in danger.

The federal police don't care who you are. If you're doing this business illegally, then you WILL go to federal prison. Counterfeit products, fraud, price gouging, or anything else illegal. This business has brought out the WORSE people calling themselves PPE brokers. Honesty is not a rule they live by. Money over lives is their motto. Do your due diligence before you waste and lose millions of dollars.

Medical supply company. Image of stacked river rocks.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Sprink team.


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